Today’s competitive business environment requires businesses to be agile and efficient, with structured processes, quick turnaround time for projects, and quality data to make smart decisions. High quality research is integral to inform such business decisions.

At 20/20 Global Advisors, we understand the importance of research and provide solutions globally in a number of areas:

  • Determining business prospects: We identify the best vendors for your products in your market. We specialize in the India and China markets, but can also work in other geographies.
  • Competitor Analysis: We research your competitors’ businesses to construct a competitive mapping of their strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis your own, so that you can better solidify your competitive advantages.
  • Company Analysis: We provide customized analyses on any global company, both public and private. Parameters include company’s background, financial data, key figures in management, recent news, key developments, top competitors, etc.
  • Emerging Market Environment: With vibrant business growth in emerging markets, it is essential for companies planning to enter or grow in these markets to have a comprehensive understanding of economic factors in these markets. We assist you in gathering reports, data points and information on latest developments in these markets.
  • KYI (Know Your Industry): Our industry newsletters help you gain insight on what’s going on in your industry: major trends, key players, competitive dynamics, and best practices.
  • Industry Analysis: We provide data on market size, market growth, regulatory reforms, current trends, key players, drivers and inhibitors, and opportunities and challenges in your requested industry.
  • Financial Data Collection: We offer available financial information on any private or public company in a user friendly format.
  • Analyst Reports: We can provide access to analyst reports in your industry of interest with essential information highlighted.
  • Country Economics-India: We provide statistical information on India to help you make informed decisions while considering any investment in the country. Some indicators include GDP data, inflation rate, repo rate, GDP by sector, foreign trade balances, etc.
  • Presentation support: We help you build impactful presentations by converting raw data into meaningful presentations.
  • Business Development support: We conduct all the activities required before a sales deal is finalized.
    • Database formation: Our resources outline a database of potential partners as per the client’s need.
    • Primary calling: We conduct cold calling at the database provided by our client or generated by us.
    • Event tracking: We track on the latest trade shows/conferences and assist in scheduling the appointments.
  • Pricing research: We provide the price details of the products suggested by our client with the support of primary calling and secondary research