Wordwide Presence


Sales, Marketing, Research and operations in 3 countries.

It has been a root of success since its foundation by Dr. Rahul Bedi. 20/20 has served many companies, universities, research institutes, law firms and attorneys worldwide. With a strong presence in 3 countries, USA, India and Taiwan, the company strives towards providing its clients with customized world class services. 20/20 provides client support through its global network of operation centers and client executives.


USA Operations:

The Company’s marketing and sales office is located in Manhattan, New York. With more than three decades of experience in corporate governance and marketing, Dr. Rahul Bedi, leads the head office of the company. In order to get more details on our services and methodologies, clients can directly meet our company’s executives to discuss the same. For contact details, please click here.


India Operation:

The company’s main operations are in one of the IT hubs in the country, Chandigarh. More than 80+ experienced engineers, MBAs and researchers work smartly and efficiently to give their customers in-depth reports. For contact details, please click here.


Taiwan Operations:

Another major presence of the 20/20 is in Taiwan in the cities of Hsinchu and Tainan, where the company has marketing and sales office and operations that adds to the multilingual capabilities. For contact details, please click here.