IP Support

20/20 Global Advisors provides Intellectual Property support services to leading technology companies, attorneys and law firms around the word. The company possesses a vast experience in IP projects which may range from prior art search to portfolio management projects. Our presence in various countries provides a global search parameter.

Intellectual Property Support Services

Innovation and Invention support services are one of the main operations of our company. 20/20 team conducts complex patent searches for law firms, companies, universities, and inventors in the electronics, chemical, mechanical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device fields and related fields. Our searchers hold advanced technical degrees. We have multi lingual search capabilities for patents searches.

Append below is the brief description of the company services:

  • Patentability Search: Providing information regarding client’s invention, if it is patentable or not. This search is carried out by studying various patents and products in the respective field of client’s invention. Inventor reduces the risk of expending effort and more importantly money on an invention that is not new.
  • Patent Invalidation Search: An extensive search is done to identify documents or prior use that may reduce the claim scope for one or more claims of a granted patent or to invalidate a granted patent. Our extensive searching in native languages i.e. Chinese and Japanese has provided inevitable results for our clients, as compared to machine translation. We have evolved various methodologies for performing effective invalidation searches and our clients have reaped benefits from them.
  • Patent Landscape Analysis: Comprehensive analysis of patents that enables companies, strategists, scientists and attorneys take key decisions in new product development, R&D planning and strategic development. A detail in-depth report of the invention domain, which includes information regarding the market competitors, technology trends, patents information helping avoiding infringement threat and other inevitable information.
  • White Space Analysis: An information report on problem solution bridging in respective field. This report is prerequisite to identify an area where an invention may be generated, identify market that may be exploited, design an appropriate strategy and identify a niche product.
  • Patent drafting and illustrations support services: Accurate and precise drafting of the patent which includes claims, abstract, summary and other descriptions. Also in our patent illustration services, our AutoCAD & CorelDraw software experts, creates efficient figures of the given invention. Our team is also adept in preparing replacement sheets.
  • Patent Translations: We have patent translation experts who provide precise and accurate translations of patents and IP documents at competitive prices and a fast turnaround time. Patent translation of German, French, Japanese, Korean and Chinese Patents and other technical documents into English and English documents into native languages.
  • Patent Infringement: This customized search service is engaged when a company suspects another company (referred to as the “target” company) of infringement on one or more patents and wants to include specific products of the target company in the search. Also based on the claims provided by the client in which we analyze claims of all unexpired (in-force) patents within the subject area so that you may counsel your client on infringement avoidance of in force patents.
  • Freedom to Operate Search: A comprehensive search on specific jurisdiction and patents in respective field provided by the client for exploring new markets. The report helps the client assess infringement risk by his invention. It uncovers licensing needs and also provides direction to product development programs.
  • Patent Portfolio Management: A complete catalog of a company or a university is prepared in excel spreadsheets. The patents are categorically placed in respective field, which helps the company/ university to license the patent of buyer’s interest.
  • Innovation Advisory: A highly customized operation performed by skilled professionals, which includes cluster of various other services, helping the client to explore invention commercialization parameters in a country. Innovation advisory includes prior art search, landscape analysis, white space analysis, market assessment and licensing opportunities.
  • National Phase & Trademark Filing in India: through our associate attorneys and patent/trademark agents in India.
  • Specialized Life Science Searches: Our biotech, pharmaceutical and chemical research team provides special CAS (Chemical Abstract Sequence) searching. In depth structure based, reaction based and sequence based individual searching is done to find relevant results.
  • Trademark Search and Watch Services: A trademark search is conducted to identify the availability of trademark and industrial name and a trademark watch is conducted to identify the potential infringers of your trademark with electronic watch services. All our searches/watch are carried out in up to date databases by analysts covering more than 72 countries.


Our team undergoes regular training on various searching techniques which helps them strategize their operations and provide the client with high quality efficient reports.