Litigation Support

20/20 provides comprehensive, customized and cost effective legal process services to law firms, research firms, and corporate legal bodies across the globe. Our dedicated and legal research team will smartly and efficiently process all the documents according to the client needs. We provide a broad range of legal support services which are:


Litigation Coding

We offer professional data capture services allowing attorneys and companies to easily manage large volumes of data. We recognize that a single document may contain the crucial piece of information that our clients are looking for, and that coupled with our experience in IT services have allowed us to create a distinctive process that ensures quality and accuracy. Document coding provides a systematic, standardized organization of documents for efficient data retrieval. The objective of Coding is to identify and capture relevant content from the collection of images. It creates database(s) of your choice, based on the fields pertinent to specific case requirements.
Our Litigation coding services include:

  • Logical Document Determination – In this process, we capture following fields:-
    • Beg Doc
    • End Doc
    • Beg Attach
    • End Attach
    • Doc Type
  • Bibliographic Coding – In this process, we capture following fields:-
    • Document Title (Verbatim and Enhanced)
    • Document Date/Estimated Date Flag
    • Characteristic
    • Author, Recipient, Copyee, BCC
  • Names-In-text Coding – In this process, names and organizations in-text are captured from the documents.
  • Keyword-In-text Coding – In this process, specified key-words are captured from the documents.
  • Full text capture through OCR – In this process, we perform the OCR process and capture text from the scanned images and deliver the output as per the client’s requirement.
  • Bates Capturing – In this process, we extract the bate numbers from the scanned images. These bate numbers/unique identifiers show the file name of the scanned images or documents. This unique ID helps to identify the pages/documents easily. Once the bate numbers are captured, we perform double keying before creating the output files so as to minimize the errors,

We execute our litigation coding projects after meticulous analysis of your project specifications, cross reference files or load files to ensure impeccable accuracy, so that you get instant access to your documents.


E-discovery is the obligation of the parties involved in a law suit to exchange their electronically stored information and records, along with all other evidence related to the case with each other. We have trained and experienced professionals (Engineers and IT experts) with hands on experience in LAW Prediscovery, Ipro, Concordance etc. Our e-discovery services include:

  • Processing
  • Data Hosting
  • Production
  • QC Support

Legal Document Review

In the current economic scenario, it is critical for corporations and law firms to maintain the quality of their document review while being cost effective as well. We provide performance oriented and cost effective document review services to our clients which includes:

  • Relevant Document Review
  • Privilege Document Review
  • Priority ‘Hot’ or Confidential Review
  • Substantive Issues Review